A collection of wearable bells designed by jewelry artist Gordon R. Barnett & cast in silver, bronze and gold.

Created for fashionable gifts & symbolic talismans, delightful in sight & sound, touching deeper sensory connections as well. Each bell rings its own story.

GRB Bells are cast using traditional lost wax methods along with many contemporary refinements in technology. They are brought to a rich finish with a jeweler’s skill, plus unusual care.

More than three decades ago an impulsive notion made a connection for me to the old-fashioned, indeed ancient, idea of a precious bauble which makes sound. I’ve come rather to believe that these venerable archetypes wanted to live more lively again … if I hadn’t paid attention I believe they would have found someone else … indeed, I am happy to know I am not alone in this enthrallment!

My trail of some 250 Bell designs makes probably the largest Collection in production by a single designer. Apparently, they are not finished with me yet! I made the first Bell Design believing I could only sell one design each year, as a limited edition, & that ONLY at Christmas..! Time showed me otherwise as the IDEA of bells kept ringing clearly true for me. Read more