Collection: Limited Edition

Limited to 500 numbered copies in sterling silver. Ultimately I evolved a series of Twelve Annual Limited Edition Bells …which began with my first-ever bell, a Celtic design at the holiday season in 1981. I often quip that I must have been a monk in some scriptorium in a previous life. I had been studying that knotty puzzle of a visual vocabulary in my jewelry work for some time...

The second year involved an attempt to be too original & to make a flat bell… which helped me learn to appreciate why there’s a traditional shape for delivering good bell sound. It also began my exploration into how that resounding tradition can be stretched into new sculptural forms & still produce resonance.

By the third year I was becoming hooked on the idea of making bells & I was doing more than a single design per year. They were beginning to catch my clientele’s attention & to sell, in spite of the advice I was receiving that I was probably wasting my time & talent, which would make better economic sense if applied to more immanently salable rings or earrings.