Tidy Studio… — No Comments

  1. Hi! Visited your studio yesterday. It”s beautiful! I spent the weekend in an old barn, at a riding clinic (I have taken up riding, as well as carriage driving). Cold, cold, cold. We had a blizzard in Wisconsin, which freaked out the horses–or, perhaps us people.

    I wonder if I can sen you a picture of Brex, my Norwegian Fjord draft pony. He is q wonder. From a very primitive breed. he still carries dorsal stripe and some Zebra DNA. And their markings.

    Has it stopped raining?

  2. Thanks for your virtual visit, Ginny! How I wish you could come have a bit of cider with me in person… We have much to catch-up on since high school days.

    In turn, I’ve seen your wonderfully handsome horse. His mane is quite stunnning with Zebra-like stripes!