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bells dock

I woke early this morning & was struck by this rainy view from the bedroom of the new deck we’ve had built over the retaining wall, which was constructed last spring following some difficulties on our cliff during last winter’s storms… we are feeling safer for that in the current rains. It was finished just before Thanksgiving so we still have to landscape it with a proper approach. For now there is a collection of potted plants as a temporary barrier for the Open Studio weekends.

A client who has been waiting for the SEAHORSE bell to arrive on my website wrote today & prompted me to make some informal photographs.

Click on any photograph to enlarge…

My light box is currently requisitioned to serve as a display of earrings for the Open Studio…

sea horse bellsea horse bell

I set up a temporary background on my wax desk & used just my usual work lights with little of the usual capability to control reflection with diffusion, which makes for exposures which are a bit harsh. But it was past time to share the result of those postings last April showing the waxes for this design…

sea horse bell

I have made a variation by adding a pendant loop to one version, changing its orientation to the cord:

sea horse bell

The clapper for this bell is made of 3 cast pieces in order to make it flexible enough to develop a useful strike inside the narrow confines of the bell’s form. The loop makes five parts to assemble this complicated design.

sea horse bell talisman

This bell waits with many others to be properly photographed & posted on the GRB BELLS website. “After the first of the year” is a mythic time to accomplish all sorts of my procrastinations…