1. A very intriguing post – it opens a window into the mind of an artist and how art is created – what the factors are. Here is something I wrote exploring sound & space many years ago:

    The lines of the nearest wall
    Diminish in perspective
    Forms become planes
    Planes become lines
    Lines, continuous points
    And points are nothing far away…

    The form disappears
    Vacancy flows seamlessly
    From within to without
    In silence
    It echoes in my ears
    I am stifled by the silence

    A piano key is touched
    My eyes can see the sound
    As the vacuum dampens the wave
    And it melts away
    From wave to line
    From line to plane
    From plane to form
    Creating space

  2. Thank you for bringing more words toward happily impossible description…

    Perhaps some infinite point of strike against the plane of sound bow initiates such an oscillating flow as to inform more than ones eye about created space…