1. I know you have posted this more as an aide-d’-memoir for yourself..but I enjoyed the virtual visit VERY much, thank you…what lovely pictures, from start to finish!

    I am SOOOO glad I met you Gordon. I will surely make it to Vashon Island one day. But until then…thanks for sharing your thoughts, views and photographs.

  2. Gordon, I was a bit surprised to see the pic of the Great Gallery pictographs—–my photo companion Rob and I went to Utah to make a pilgrimage to Horseshoe canyon, and photograph the site before it is fenced off, defaced or otherwise rendered less accessible. We drove to Utah in 2 days, camped at Goblin Valley state park, and in the morning set out for Horseshoe Canyon. i was fighting a nasty flu, and about 1/2 way down the 700 foot descent to the canyon I realized I did not have the energy to make the 3 miles thru deep sand at canyon bottom, so I bailed out and Rob went on alone, in the 95 degree heat. He ran out of electrolyte drink and got dehydrated, made it 1/2way to the gallery, and came back—took him 5 hours to make it out of the canyon. So I have some unfinished business in Utah!!!

    Best regards, Terry Roth