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Our wild cherry tree has been reclining for more than 40 years. Terry-san has suggested we devise a prop… a crutch. 

I have a good deal of difficulty believing that the tree’s weight won’t simply push such supports into the soil which seems unable to support it in the first place… 

Thus, I became fascinated in appreciative study of both the simplicity & rich variety of methods & techniques of props & supports for trees I observed in Japan. I am still taking improbably complex lessons.

 Visuals must, for the most part, suffice to share this study… suggesting others have danced with  these problematic notions for a long time.

While my gardening guru Doug-Oh! might call such manipulation
I can easily appreciate results of such faithful effort… which can be seen generally… here in Tokyo. 

Some were nearly invisible isometric webs transferring weight inside a large system…

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