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Lost Wax Casting, jewelry bells, grbbells, bellmaker's process, silver bells

Lost Wax Casting” …an elusively famous phrase…

Each bell design generally begins inside a block of hard wax; carve-able, tool-able, lathe-able, but ultimately “whittled ” at a micro level toward the thin & hollow form the bell wants to take in order to show off visually & to ring as well. I celebrate the story of how Michelangelo claimed to simply have “released ” his sculptural figures from the stone…

Each “released” wax original is translated into metal inside a veritable crucible of evolving techniques applied atop the ancient & venerable process of traditional lost wax casting.

If it survives that first translation into metallic form, it can be polished, & is then retained as the “master” for making vulcanized rubber molds, into which molten wax can be injected to replicate the design. One such replicated wax, touched-up by a skillful eye & hand, is necessary for each bell to be cast into metal.

So… A plaster mold is poured over a wax model, encasing it to capture details. The wax is then melted away in order to be replaced by molten metal cast by centrifugal force into that cavity. After the plaster is broken away the exact form of the original wax has thus been reproduced in new resonant metal.

Finishing & polishing processes are a mix of all the latest high-tech mechanical stuff with big doses of that most essential tradition of quality… lots of attention by way of careful handcrafting.

See “Birthing the Molds” for more…