Collection: Symbolic & Spiritual

Visual ideas often find meaning and voice in language more abstract than words and stories. Often the simple division of space speaks importantly to the ways we parse our various realities: halves or thirds... evens or odds... then quarters and quintets... sixths and eighths... tenths and dozens. Beginning with oneness and twoness... thus we have threeness... Three-dimensional concepts immediately have familiar archetypal meanings attached, even before the math layers are added. Thus can one play with the underlying psychology of spatial relationships... But the visual language I have used most often as a formal study is the knot-work known as Celtic. In fact, I have found exactly the same knots in ancient Chinese and Mayan art as in the Irish, so they are to me a more primal form of human communication... I see it as binary language, weaving over and under... on or off the grid. I consider the flow and weaving of such decorative patterning to be almost “proto-language”... It certainly seems to be “music of, by, and for the spheres of our eyes"... | GRB Bells Symbolic & Spiritual Collection