And what a vamp she has become! ‘Always was a bit of a vamp but now will claim my perpetual attention… she will have a live store! I will have to keep on top of the inventory! There will be more designs displayed. Still, there will be yet some more for which I must find or re-make good images.

The process on the site has become its own adventure… taking much longer than expected in the beginning… no surprise. I am not doing this myself, but working with an interesting technician who became a friend while he was living on the Island, but now lives in Central America. However, I have been put to work organizing myself in the most thorough manner ever!

Photographs, texts, sizes, prices & inventory counts… all needed to be pulled into systematic organization. Ultimately that is a greatly beneficial to me… I’m pleased.

We are nearly ready to bring her back to life… I am most anxious to see her working again…

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