VOODOO MUSEUM... New Orleans

VOODOO MUSEUM... New Orleans

We had an unexpected opportunity to make a rather spontaneous visit to New Orleans for Winter-Solstice

...to visit our longtime friend Malcolm Dorn, who lives in Port Townsend, & with whom we have often marked the true celestial event on which the entire season of holiday celebrations is founded.

His sister lives there & was going to spend a month in Thailand as celebration of her retirement from teaching at Loyola.  She invited him to dog-sit in her home. He in turn invited several friends to spend time with him there. We are so lucky!

I took the image above of a framed piece in our bedroom:  three versions of Fleur d'Lis honoring various aspects of the city. This one featuring a jester & a baby king, like the trinket hidden in a traditional Epiphany cake, fascinated me.

I had never visited the city, so this was an adventure. Mardi Gras, of course. but we soon learned about the World War Two museum. Because both our fathers were in the Air Force during that war, that took importance. It also absorbed most of two days, being so intense!

We walked the French Quarter for Begniet & discovered Sazarac cocktails, sampled a wide varieties great food! Took a fine long walk, seeing dozens of armadillo... 'such curious creatures! Made a trip so take a swamp  tour... fascinating! Found an event driving through a park over[?]-illuminated for the holidays... 'Altogether too much!

But, then, there was the Voodoo Museum, in which part of the city's color was loosely collected in quite a small space... celebrating the mix of Catholic saints morphing with Caribbean vestiges of African slave traditions.
The displays were dark enough that I made most of these shots in order to read them later. Becoming this peek behind numerous curtains!

 I don't really know how to talk about them...

'just poke around...

 'Look around...



Much more deep history reaching back into both its Colonial European roots in France as well as being part of the African diaspora.

 I'm certainly looking forward to a second visit!

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