Solstice Too...

This morning is Halcyon indeed!

The water is satin. Tahoma is showing herself, although perhaps not for long. Earlier all was a brilliant gold the color of monks robes from the east of dawn, but I went back under the comforter of my own religion with less appreciation than the sight warranted.

The sky scumble still offers fantasy fields of multiple rhythmic reflections inside subtle silken shadows on the palpable atmosphere, in a richness of greys if not that earlier color … already I can perceive that the light is returning in this new year. Again I note the slippage of our paper calendar from reality. If our world is out of kilter, perhaps we need more properly to align ourselves with the origins of a sky god & an earth goddess who dance so definitively while we fuss with our rituals of ignorant imitation. The main event has happened while most of us are still in frantic preparation!

So be it… On with the show! We will participate to the extent we can find better versions of seasonal enjoyment without most of the frenzy. Today the plan is to go into the city to see a movie… probably Brokeback Mountain… before joinig a party at Outcast & Company, the bell’s foundry, & later to have dinner .

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