Sodden Equinox...

While the blossoms tell the season, our skies have continued full of more rain than is good for our geography. We take what bright we can find in the few sun breaks we are blessed. I realize I have posted shots of our blooming views at this season last year. I won’t repeat…

I am at last finding some productive time at the wax desk. A new design is the blossoming I will feature in this here & now. It explores an idea first explored as the ninth limited edition named the DERVISH bell which has returned with more essense in experience since Stephen returned from traveling in Turkey last fall & my having met Sufi dancing with our friend Jamshed at Breitenbush. Another friend has also begun massaging the idea by sharing a white porcelain figurine of the gracefully swirling skirt of a classical dancer. It has seduced me even as I have explored a less pure form of the notion, opening it & allowing it to splash a bit… hence the working title of SUFI-SURF.

This project has had that satisfying “snap” I love… the feeling something in the idea has a life & vitality all its own. I love to ride such impulsive inspirations!

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