Late in the summer months I made a small collection of photographs of animals in the garden.

I do so savor the frog song that I tracked it once to take this peek into the Passifloria climbing the forward corner of the studio level of the house.

We sing our passion rather more reflectively
in this approaching winter solstice…

I never did get any spiders in the webs I used to teach myself better the subtleties of focus…

But I was blessed to watch one of those proverbially determined ants… in a teacup. Make of all that what you will.

However… my voyeur’s prize was to discover this couple of slugs, seriously frolicking right out in the open… near that same PASSIFLORIA corner… hmm…

I ponder the issue of all that fecundity
in this season as I slip in the cold &
slide in the wet… working
to celebrate
complexities in the deep turnings
of this seasonal procession.

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