Prepping A New Year...

This morning has been full of delicious frustration begun waking from dreams also described by that phrase, to see curious flotsam on the water while he brought me coffee… a tide full of logs decorated by juxtaposition of large orange floats which proved their appearance as markers for crab pots when a boat came to claim & reset them. The new moon tide has brought this curious visual which frustrates for not knowing the source for such chaos nor the story that is continuing to unfold on the screen of the window. It has been raining quiet storms all week. The gray is nearly a blinding loss of contrast now, the logs still floating off in the distance…

We’ve spent hours in bed with that pot of coffee sharing another delicious frustration with our dueling iBooks while continuing to discover this thing called blogging. My brother Jon recently shared an address which has blossomed an entire universe of postings around popular gay culture the likes of which we had no idea existed! These are not exactly web sites, although they share some aspects. They actually are blogs basically like this one of mine. Stephen has been working around notions of blogs inside his journalism projects for several years, so it is interesting that I am the one who decided to dive into my own before he has tackled one for himself.

This is another day intended by each of us to take more care of business less involved with this sort of sharing, but… more of delicious frustration! We know these days are rare & fleeting. We have the good sense to savor them in this sweet form of communion.

Now, however, I do not have the hours I’d intended to write a recap of my year for this posting… perhaps that will come tomorrow. I am committed to make pate from the too-big-for-the-cats package of chicken livers he’s brought home. Perhaps we will take some to the dinner we are invited this evening.

Yesterday our trip into the city included more shopping than is usual for us before enjoying dinner at friends who live downtown close to the Market. I got more equipment for the digital camera which is currently my major new toy. So, we continue to enjoy our low key version of the holidays visiting with friends & playing happily together without the usual constraints of external scheduling.

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