To dance with an imperative from the bell divas
can be such a lovely thing…
especially when I have the delicate time for it…

I celebrate having had several weeks of
that sort of program.

The THIS IS IT wax
has resulted… in almost a full realization.

I’m down deep into carving subtle micro forms & the surfaces they support… which in turn must define themselves as alphabetical. After settling those 126 glyphs graphically, spacing them into construction of what will become the actual surface to be polished, lifted above some contrasting background of oxide not touched by the wheel… is the over riding example of

positif negatif

Not in the usual polarized way — hence my spelling — but recognizing the essential spatially creative interrelationships more as yen/yang.

My work is to study flow. If the flow of this idea was a gully washer, bringing what seemed impulse to the genuine challenge allowed that I could but joyfully accept this dance… It is, after all. my sorta song. Calligraphy has always been a tool of my expression.

Positif negatif exists in all dimensions… equal & opposite reactions… as you might remember how energy works. Even surface perceived as two dimensional does not exist without contrasting background depth, implied or actually three dimensional. That is what I must carve. What I must carve in ways which will survive to enhance several more integrations of that shift between positif negatif... the various molds to contain all the flow I was talking about… the original cast of flowing plaster investment around this first positif carving; the then dissolving flow of that wax as it is melted itself in the lost wax process, leaving only a negatif impression on the interior of that first, what will be wasted, mold; which then receives the flow of molten metal into the resultant cavity… CASTING so much of these mental perigrinations over work done while I’ve been actively design-carving this bell… into metal.

The production process continues in more of these translations. I have written & show some photos about the rubber mold making here

All that before going through the entire casting process, again, polishing out, again, the finished product… which might now be dizzy from all its translations.

Positif negatif Positif

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