I'm noting the ONES for firsts...

NEW, Yet familiar...

Temporary identity crisis seems to become something like normalcy... during this spate of changes in digital territory OZ-like  An old dog perusing piles of trick potential.
We updated both our phones last week, gifting ourselves a full array of glitzy new problems. I sigh, mostly contented but to complain only very little.
This in the middle of installing a new platform for the site, making WORDpress &  SHOPify  Now I'm on a new learning curve. I perceive better now how those names are nicely descriptive of their function: Shopify & Wordpress.
I celebrate this morning making a breakthrough in posting on my blog on Shopify... something about which I'd been stymied about since JS migrated everything over, leaving me to figure-out how to navigate my way around all this new territory, involving numbers more than words.
Hence a temporary identity crisis: artist or business? I've long worked both sides of myself, even if one side is more accomplished.
New tricks on offer,
Fortunately most of life in both spheres feels mostly familiar again... indeed with new sparkles of possibility.
continues as both
shop & blog
Now I can hone the whole affair with livelier currency in the evolution of content & complexion, with more strength & stability. I'm keeping my own faith.
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