I have been anticipating finding a new safe since we moved to the condo more than a year ago & it came unexpectedly a couple weeks ago.

I had bought the one I have used for years from Sedona Jewelers when my friend Jahn Baker purchased that business in the 1990s.

It has continued to be a usable work-horse all these years, but GRB Bells had out-grown it. The new one offers double the cubic footage

Here I am contemplating the problem when it was first moved into the new studio. I had said years ago, when it was moved to Vashon & Soundcliff that I would leave it there, but...

 During the move I had little bandwidth to shop for the new one.

This is currently outfitted as a gun safe [see, I could house my collection of pistols, were I to have any] So, I'll want to have new shelves made the full width of the space which will accommodate the two soft  bins which house the finished stocks of bells. both sterling & bronze.  I certainly do appreciate the interior lighting, & the digital locking mechanism.

 I'm very pleased to have this new, rather handsome secure space!

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