Inertia & Old Friends...

To modify silence & inertia has been my recent problem. I must simply wield the distruction which is the first tool for any bit of creation… “to break” is the verb required of any raw material before owning the creation suggested by “to make”.

The reasons are legion: Travel inside the period traditionally dedicated to deep inner design process; My hyperactive photographer; A construction project changing the front, if not the soul, of our home; Computer “amusements” which have required solution for a memory problem dealing with of all of those photographs… Yet mostly I am dancing my early beginner’s ease with this blogging thing through an inevitable first dry spell.

I know such periods from keeping an ink journal. One could call it writer’s block. One could call it life. One must accept it as part of the process, as I understand the experience. One must learn loving such hurdles.

I am begun, & now must decide which parts of the narrative I wish to bring forward… from how far back. The images of Florida seem less interesting now than the blooming views out our own windows, of which I have posted hints. To take my camera on that trip was good. I dived deeper into its capabilities, exploring & practicing so I am now much more facile in my inexperience. I learned by making lots of shots. I am learning even more in the editing processes. I have a huge education yet to come!

The waxing design line has gained a new chorister… will I soon have a bridge to sell you!

While I’ve enjoyed the kick from that new stimulation, I am woefully far from setting my signature on all as finished wax carvings, ready to be cast as masters for this year’s crop. The process of getting photographic stories of their development has been stymied by the inconvenience of needing to stop carving to draw those interim states into the camera’s eye. Besides, I’ve not been able to trust my computer’s processes with yet more images.

The building is progressing nicely & rather surprisingly on our preferred schedule, which would see it mostly finished before the Open Studio weekends early in May. The windows are going in as I write. I have been playing with design details, happy to find some sweet resolutions for things we had not drawn-up in our casual basic planning for this project. It looks great on the site & in relationship to the house. The space is coming together as a tidy suite of functions. It is exciting & satisfying. We have long dreamed of this…

This has been as well a period when old friends have surfaced from years of lapsed acquaintance into new sproutings & blossoms… from out of college days in Denver have come a package with a new poetic book lymed with my old calligraphy & a phone connection to a voice we all might have heard commercially. From Sedona’s years I have a sweet photo of another favorite foodie. All with stories of our lives interweaving again. I’m enjoying those riches of memory!

This post will have to forgo elaborating photos. They all wait down on the studio’s computer. You have only my words for now…

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