First… a bit of orientation…

On our east-facing deck, we can look north to see the southern end of Vashon. This small boat sits moored below our deck. It was used, as we understand, for the sales office for the entire development.

We have most of the boxes unpacked, if not yet quite resettled. We both are still setting-up our working spaces. The plethora of bankers boxes filled with his files are shrinking. The myriad of collections of essentials for the bell biz & for their development still litter my studio.

We are enjoying the new furnishings for which we’ve shopped over these months. Our bed is the most recent. Beautifully finished, with the walnut’s character honed with the honesty of solid, simple carpentry… elegantly crafted.

We are absorbed by the difficulty of confronting the challenges of major life change… fascinating study as we live the fact.

Yet, we are dancing it well. While dancing equally well with each other. Organic maturation?

However, our compostable waste must go down the disposal or the trash chute. Or…we send it along with guests who compost or have chickens.

But, we just ordered, online, an electric device which can make compost overnight. Which seems improbable, but a friend who uses one gives it high recommendations… I’m anxious to try it! That might help assuage my frustration with all this high-tech change of life!

Richard, our building more-than-maintenence guy, installed the glass studio door . With a helper, he manhandled the several hundred pound piece of glass, lifting it onto the track.
That clean closure enhances the gallery hallway with simplicity…
… Bringing interesting light both day & night.
Enlarging the space available at the front door for inviting guests.
Or closing off the workspace.

The “working” part of the studio still needs a lot of that work, but, as I keep unpacking the boxes of tools, I am cogitating how it might come together to function well. Much of the problem is that I do not know how I want to work. Since I have reduced my activity to mostly sales & social media creation, very little wax carving or metal finishing work has occupied me. Gardening had been a major part of my occupation until the recent move. I anticipate that I will eventually gravitate toward the drawing, or perhaps painting, I have always loved. “Who am I?” is a rather constant question in my process!

The new computer’s setup screen’s colors dominate a quieter normality.
The displays from the old studio now hang vertically because the space does not allow the old long line which they enjoyed for so many years.

Stephen’s office is across the gallery. The big oak haberdashers’ cabinet looks great in the space!

The big oak haberdashers’ cabinet looks great in the space!
As does he… watching the NewsHour beside the last few boxes of his files. The television mostly lives here.
The gallery has a collection of framed pieces.
A sunrise I caught on an unusual early rising…
Which light also brought the bouquet of tulips from friends into play with Kip’s painting awaiting secure hanging
Our dining table & long friendly chairs from Rivercliff have acquired new ergonomic cushions which punch the major accent red with wonderful cush…
The kitchen appreciates the rolling chopping-block island we’ve added…
Soon to be hovered over by an archival GRB painting with a story for later…
The red cabinets are headed to disappear into the storage room
The all-Bosch laundry room exemplifies the complex care of the building’s design… teaching patience with “improved” technology.
The plumes for a paper mill are often fabulous feathers along our horizon… a lesson to be learned.
My favorite hours… after midnight.

End of this initial tour… beginning many more posts of these changes!

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