Huitieme Ciel - A poem by Stephen Silha

Huitieme Ciel - A poem by Stephen Silha

Huitieme Ciel

Pitched & pitching into

a new book of life

Strange new possibilities

Overwhelming probabilities

Smelting the aroma of Tacoma

into pleasant plumes

of anti-arsenic

Reveling in runners, walkers, workers &


Marking time by the tides

and tides by the phases of the moon

Undulating with the tides

of change

Changing with the mysterious mountain

Climbing into new spaces

slowing into richer yoga asanas

Melting with the glaciers

as the earth smiles at

human avarice

Listening to the long trains

headed who knows where

Marveling at the foibles and beauty

of humanity’s dreams

Breathing into newness of life

watching the smoke signals

of mystery

– Stephen Silha

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