HOLIDAY PREP... re-memorising

HOLIDAY PREP... re-memorising

For the first time in decades I have not been actively involved during this season with in-person representation of the bells. That is by plan & design, yet it still holds surprise for me inside the accomplishment.

With only a tight version  of my previous studio where I easily entertained open studio sales events... The move to this condo leaves me with no venue except for my online shop.We have continued to learn how to hone the new tools of Shopify... Most recently to study the value of intelligent SEO.

My learning curve is a socio/psychologic evolution. For four-plus decades I have been one busy elf-with-dirty-fingers, making stock for sales events & finishing commissions. I'm now working at a "cleaner" desk... sitting at the computer on which I design & manage my site: catalog & sales; invoices & inventory; social media campaigns & analytics... plus this blog. Shopify even assumes that it will be part of the business, which, of course, it always has, but more often I share posts about my life beyond the studio: travel; food porn; & garden. I also intend to write more about my archive of images of drawings & paintings, jewelry & sculpture. I want to write more about the bells... bringing more stories out of memory.

This season's change brings results that are mostly positive. Runs of orders which we are attempting to analyze in relationship to experimental advertising we've purchased. Thus my studio rather more close becomes a laboratory.

Solstice offers a blessing of


I am holding the center of much change,




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