I have been deeply involved with the new GINGKO wax for the last week.

I record here another stage in that slow progress.
Compare the current shell against the thickness
shown in the photographs of the last post…
Obviously much of this work has been interior.

Thus I have also worked the clapper through two waxes,
learning its need to have full ’round presence.

This design has taken a softer, more round shouldered aspect.
Something evolving out of a deco notion,
which I remember now & again with the phrase
“like a Studebaker”
describing some quality which is often
vaguely embarrassing for some reason.

My quintessential Studebaker
would be the black one my uncle Vernon owned
when I was a 4 or 5 year old kid
in northwestern Kansas in 1949 or 1950.

My memory goes on a unique adventure
with my father’s thus rather exotic twin & his wife,
leaving my parents at home,
running away to see the picture show in town.

Inside thiat space capsule I first became entranced by the
sweetness of smoke…
curls from his forbidden cigarette remain
seductive in my boy baptist mind.

These memories are rather liquid…
I’ve been dunk-juggling them most of a lifetime.
So I dance as carver describing a dynamic of slick bullet points
projecting from resistantly responding curves.

Aerodynamic automobile design works
with similar considerations as the flow
about which I have been writing.

This carving wraps a good deal of such energy around the shoulder…

Refining it differently than the version now in production…

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