Awake Before Dawn...

Sodden silk studded with fading sequins of city lights.
Buoy’s blink holding steadier beat of those
veiled inside a squall… already passed.
Droplet lenses on window glass momentarily multiply such signals
before another density obscures all behind,
into bands of dark & darker.

I’m up much earlier than usual, listening to new versions of the old chants which are habitual to my 30 year long journal process. I have long celebrated susposed incarnations I’ve had as monks in various ancient scriptoria… reed pens dipped in hand ground ink staining pypyrus or parchment having given way now to digital blips in an iBook!

The rain has become incessant… for at least half the number of days which would qualify us for “Biblical Proprotions”. I wonder in such times how the First Nation peoples could possibly have survived here living under split cedar boards & woven cedar bark… yet, as the light brightens, inside what will not today become one of our famously celebrated “sunbreaks”, I am enthralled by an etherial beauty of almost amethyst light reflecting off peckish waves green with contrastingly spectral oxides of chrome. They surely lived inside this water’s poetry, as I am now learning how… having almost forgotten that other version I lived even longer, during this current lifetime, in sunny southwestern rocks.

Time to take a bowl of the brown rice I’ve been cooking while rebuilding the fire before coming back up to bed to finish with these words

with a last cup of coffee down to the studio. There is further finishing work to do on the inventory before I can dive into yet more of these waters… I am ready & anxious to give birth my design year.

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