Birthdays are inevitable, after all.

I had another just recently. I’m in my 75th year now…

There is a story about my having two birthdays…
but, I’ve written about that somewhere else.

It is the notion of enforced annual celebration for having been born which
has become a little boring to me.
After all, I was barely there!

Yes it was a big deal, no argument.
To keep making a big deal of it… whether one wants to or not…
is another societal Hallmark Moment of which
I’m old enough to declare some creative release.

For several decades I’ve suggested & requested that my preferred gift was to
“clean-out a shed”.
I’ve thus accomplished a lot by putting my own “hallmark” moments to work
on a chore with which only those who truly love me will join.
It is my first ploy to diffuse with puzzlement
the rote quandary to which the only response is, for most, is to
“Wish a Happy Birthday”,

Which makes me sad…
Nothing more creative than that?
I’d rather stand in all sorts of other lines.

the word hallmark has a meaning of precision
missing from the language of greeting cards.>

Well, of course, I too have felt the discomfort of that curious obligation…
fudging in taste & creativity while trying to be honest…

I get it… AND… I’m here to let you know there just might be other ways.

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