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About Gordon R. Barnett

Born in 1945 & raised on a farm in Northwestern Kansas the eldest son in a large extended family… somehow even there I became fascinated with art at an early age. Unlike other stories, no one ever told me I couldn’t be an artist, perhaps because I already seemed such a quaint notion in that setting.

I began a reputation as a painter in Kindergarten. My parents, curiously & courageously, supported individuality. I took great advantage… while taking great care as well… I did have other interests & dreamed about other possible lives, but I majored in painting at The University of Denver [DU], receiving a BFA in 1967, along with the Faculty’s Award for “highest marks & showing greatest promise”.

During those college years I took a part time job at a small jewelry shop & began picking up basic repair & manufacturing techniques. There were no instructors or classes in such “crafts” then at DU, so I continued to educate myself in workshop… asking questions & following my own lights. I discovered early on that I could support myself easier as a jeweler than I could as a painter. I set up studio & worked with a growing clientele on commissioned pieces such as wedding rings, mountings for stones, & numerous constructions in which I played with both my clients’ visions & my own fantasies.

I own a sporadic wanderlust… Uprooting alternating with long periods of becoming deeply, sometimes quietly, quite settled.