The Egg Returning… — No Comments

  1. The egg…the cradle of life, a fundamental shape….to follow in the footsteps of Faberge must have been daunting indeed, and yet you have achieved quite a wonderful piece…your ability to conceive in three dimensions is amazing to me. Alas, in the video I am not able to see clearly INTO the opening egg.

    Would it be possible for you to bring the egg to St.Louis? Or is it in a private collection now?

    I often wear what you call the Bucky Bell and I call the Conscience's much more than jewellery to me, Gordon.

  2. Thank you so much for your appreciation, Deepa. Be aware that the design was always meant to be rather like a private "peek show"… not opening all the way… so as to maintain an intimacy. That, plus the difficulty of lighting such interior makes it difficult to photograph, as you might know. These shots are an early documentation of its present state. I will make more carefully detailed photos of it when I have done the restoration. I will also document how it was assembled… all those parts are held together & made to work by hinge pins, clips & spring bars. Such will need to be known by others later for repair, cleaning & maintenance.

    Since I will be traveling with all the stock & paraphernalia for the Bell convention show/sale, I'm feeling doubtful as to the advisability of bringing the egg along as well But, we'll see…

    Now, I'm intrigued to know. how does yours become the "Conscience" bell? I'd like to hear that story!