1. I've missed your blogging lately and this is a great post to come back with.

    Your excitement, joy and fun with this experience really comes through in your writing and the pictures.

    What a wonderful world to live in for a few weeks!

  2. Thank You Both, Deepa & Bro-Jon! I've been missing writing for the blog & am pleased to begin working at it again… but, like so much these days, it seems indeed to be so much "work" for reasons which seem curiously unclear to me.

    Both of you are so prolific that I am full of wonder… Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I was doing some research the other day on the use of cedar needles as seasoning and came across your blog. Can you tell me more about how you use the cedar needles, with some details about the type of cedar and how you prepare them? I'm wanting to make a Pacific Northwest inspired dish with Pacific Salmon.


  4. Hello Matt… with thanks for your inquiry! Using the red cedar which grows on our land we grill salmon with cedar boughs around & atop… or tucked within a whole fish. [Lavender works wonderfully for that as well!]By coincidence I added finely chopped cedar to season fresh pineapple as part of today's lunch! I encourage you to play with its unusual flavor just as you might other herbs… & then report back with your favorite discoveries! You may e-mail [email protected] if you have more questions or comments.

  5. Oh… also check out Jerry Traunfeld's HERB FARM cookbook for a recipe for cedar sorbet… a WONDERFUL intermezzo!