Second Thoughts… — No Comments

  1. One thing about blogging that I had not found in journalling – when I experience something I find myself composing my blog even as part of the experience.

    I never composed my journal in a book that way – no, it was simply a record of the experience, maybe even a bit tedious, rather than part of the phenomenon.

    I have found immense luck with having technology support my habit (rather than the other way around) with And as I said before, what enjoy the most is the interchange.

    My need to share appears to be greater than my need for perspective on my own thoughts. Still, words are never adequate.

    Again, welcome to the electronic medium. Tis a new world indeed.

  2. While the concept of “find[ing] myself composing my blog even as part of the experience” read rather foreign to me, Stephen recognised it as the quinessential mindset of a reporter. Thus I remember that I’ve done that as well, it is, I suppose, rather the immediacy & openess of blogging which still a bit foreign to me. I’m catching on…