Leo Toye Returns… — No Comments

  1. Journal, meet blog.

    I've always loved your calligraphy. It is such an incredible blending of words with visual art and poetry.

    That you've found a way to transpose and share some of it digitally is the neatest thing I've seen since telephone party lines became "custom calling numbers". :-)

  2. Gordon:
    Love the story ! You have inspired me to pick up my caligraphy pen again.

    Good Luck with the Open Studio ~ we will be there in spirit


  3. Wow, Leo Toye is certainly very talented, and I am glad he has risen like the Pheonix! Just love your excellent calligraphy,


    Ps. I am in St.Louis now, and am contemplating visiting Vashon Island….will, email you two,about it….

  4. Its rather strange that you chose leo toye as your name… My fathers name is actually leo toye from birth, he lives in ireland and is also an artist. He paints mainly irish landscapes. Feel free to have a look at a sample of his work

  5. I've been remiss to remark on Steven [Stephen?]'s note! It is indeed curious to be informed that there is another Leo Toye… & indeed he is the more legitimate one! Then that he is also a quite fine painter brings the synchronicity even tighter!