GARDEN GATES… — No Comments

  1. How wonderful to see your calligraphic handwriting again, brother! I just knew technology would eventually catch up with you. ;-)

    And, as always, a delight to see your designs, whether it is a bell, a ring, a sculpture, or a garden gate.

    One question: What keeps the gates from sagging? Most designs require a diagonal brace of some kind; either wood, or perhaps a cable.

  2. Well, Bro, I have wondered about that possibility, so that's a good question. My design mind suggests that so many wide, flat, well-bolted-tight joints mimic a piece of pierced plywood… they feel completely sturdy at their relatively light weight. Time will tell…

    My default would be more bolts, some screws… or, finally, the diagonal cable. I'd prefer to not have that line mess with the design [not to mention the sliding "bolt" for the closure, which is only suggested by that short piece in the center. That's one of today's projects…]