1. I want not agree on it. I assume nice post. Especially the title attracted me to read the whole story.

  2. grbarnett received this via email:

    Gordon, you've captured in words some of the wonder and mystery that
    provide contra dancers with an amazing sense of well being. I hope you
    will dance again and often; you live in a part of the country rich in this
    folk tradition, and it's also filled with musicians whose craft weaves
    'over and under'…. Reserve a day or a weekend on your calendar to take
    yourself on an "artist's date" to Silver Falls State Park in northern
    Oregon and listen to Carl Thor's Interlude [do a Google search for
    Talisman Just up the Hill, to get a preview] – ways for you to add yet
    another layer of inspiration to your life….

    We loved our journey from Michigan to Washington last spring an summer,
    and hope to be able to return; we will come and see your amazing bells –
    wow – just wow – I can't think of words right now……………..
    inspired, complete, soundingly grounded in creative fantasy, ringing with
    artful tone, whole and round like the earth herself, good work from good
    hands … it's all there, even in the photos.

    I am glad to have discovered your gifts and your sense of discovery.
    in snowy West Michigan